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Gifted clairvoyant and medium

From tarot card readings to an in-depth analysis of your dreams, Jessica Williams Clairvoyant & Medium can help you. Based in Bristol, she welcomes all clients throughout the UK for spiritual services.

Clairvoyant & Medium: Welcome

Services by Jessica - gifted clairvoyant based in Bristol

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Dream analysis, Past life readings, Soulmate relationships, Lost property, Pet Mediumship, Colour Therapy, Soul Journey - Carma, Relationships and Soulmates, Manifesting with Angels

Tailored readings

  • £40 per hour

  • £30 per 45 mins


Jessica provides readings for most situations such as relationships, career, health and finances etc. She is a reassuring and positive guiding force, offering you clarity and clairvoyant information; also working with spirit energy to reveal things about your future. With angel support and protection, she will always tell clients the truth as she sees it. 


As a gifted medium, Jessica can help you connect with loved ones that have passed on, and may help you come to terms with a loss in a compassionate and understanding manner.


Soulmates and past lives

We have all at some point of time or the other wondered about our soulmate. We have longed for that magical moment when we discover our soulmate. Identifying your soulmate is linked largely to your past life and this is where Jessica can help you. With her immense experience and connection with the angel spirits, she can help you dive deep into your past life and rediscover your connection with this special person. Book your appointment with Jessica to find out more.

Clairvoyant & Medium: Services

Gifted clairvoyant located in Bristol

For readings by telephone call, please call Jessica today on 07800 929257, or email Jessica now on to book your appointment. 

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