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Angels & psychic protection services

Poems by Jessica on miracles, spiritual healing, and forgiveness can help you understand her work better. Get in touch with Jessica Williams Clairvoyant & Medium for tarot card readings

Angels & Psychic Protection: Welcome

General Psychic Protection

How to use psychic protection to bring more luck and abundance into your life.
Sessions £30 per hour

Psychic protection is very easy and simple to do at home or in any space. If done regularly this can clear stuck and negative energy  - restoring it back to the positive. Therefore increasing activity in your life, moving things along, which opens the door to more opportunities and help and support. Also this clearing will automatically go into your aura which is then taken with you wherever you go, acting as a vibrant magnetic field to success. Various things can be used such as candles, crystals, bells, fresh flowers, plants, and colour shielding.

During the session we can look at some of the ways of doing this - and for which purposes. For example using green as a colour shield can bring extra cash!! This is really easy to do and materials are inexpensive.

Angels & Psychic Protection: Text
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How to bring the loving and protective energy of the Angels into your life.
Session is £30 per hour

The energy of the Angels is very real and can be brought close to you easily.  The source of love from them is like a powerful light with you each and every day. In these current difficult times the Angels are closer to us more than ever, and there has been recent cases of them guiding us and helping us. Before my first covid vaccine - I saw beautiful soft white wings like a butterfly moving by my bedside, and yes, all was well.

They can help us with so many things, and the more you talk to them and connect, the stronger their light and protection becomes. In the session, we can look at all the ways to bring them close - and know they are around.  For example; white feathers,  ornaments,  dreams, visions, cards, happenings in everyday life.

Angels & Psychic Protection: About Me
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