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Spiritual medium in Bristol

Looking for a gifted spiritual medium to help you find your way? Contact Jessica Williams Clairvoyant & Medium today who is based in Bristol

About Jessica: Welcome

Jessica - clairvoyant and medium

Speaking from the heart I love being psychic and doing readings and started on this path late 1998. I then took my time to meditate and open up to spirit energy and develop my psychic ability. This included meeting my spirit guides, studying dream symbology, and working with chakras, and linking intuitively to animals and birds. Also, to learn how to interpret my dreams, visions and signs.

Although I was aware of some psychic ability when I was younger, I became very interested in my mid-thirties. The spiritual awakening then experienced was totally absorbing and enjoyable. I hope to continue for many years to come.


At the beginning when I was learning to do readings, a soft orb of light settled on my left shoulder and stayed there for a few months. This took me a great deal of courage as I knew nothing when I started, and apart from attending a few psychic development groups, I am totally self-taught and spent hours of meditating during the first five years of my path and learning about psychic signs on a daily basis.


Later I learnt to sense and feel the loving vibration of the Angels that helped to bring healing and compassion to my work at a higher level.  Having been through several hardships in my life, I am fully convinced Angels and general spiritual protection helped me - three hospital operations - each one with complications, and a major household fire - but I am still here!

Walking around the local streets and the parks near my home, I deliberately took time to connect with the light and nature around me. Often, I am following a 'bracelet' of multiple psychic links and signs that give me messages in my personal life and also connected to the client's situation.

My main purpose is to help people and it is a great feeling when I know I have done this. I do believe in life after death - but I have no wish to prove this - only to inspire and help others. To be a psychic takes years of dedication and patience - and is a fully comprehensive way of life.

About Jessica: About Me

Spirital medium services by Jessica include;

  • Clairvoyant readings

  • Mediumship

  • Past life readings

  • Meditation techniques

  • Spiritual direction

  • Dream analysis

  • Telephone readings 

  • Lost property

  • Pet Mediumship

  • Colour Therapy

  • Soul Journey - Carma

  • Relationships and Soulmates

  • Manifesting with Angels

Healing Stones
About Jessica: About
Lavender Fields

Jessica's Poem

Angels, Rainbows, Crystals and the light

The smile of an Angel 

A white feather falling 

A miracle is possible 

When a blackbird is calling 


Chakras and rainbows 

Source gift for healing 

Spirit guides and gurus 

Manifest with feeling 

When tears in your eyes 

So you cannot see 

The brightness of crystals 

And the glitter on sea 

Remember these words – “This too shall pass” 

Like the fruit on the trees 

And the dew on the grass 

All I am is in the light 

And the sparkle on water 

So if darkness surrounds me 

I will not falter 

A lantern is shining 

Always reminding…. 

The warm source of love 

And the light of a star 

Returning to spirit 

Who we really are 

Forgive if you can 

But keep yourself safe 

We are all on a path 

Of karma and faith 

So I'll love you and leave you 

With this heart felt rhyme 

Watch this space 

For the next change in time! 


Angel Blessings Jessica

About Jessica: About Me

Spirital medium based in Bristol

For spiritual readings and medium services, contact Jessica now on 07800 929257 for further information and appointment bookings.

About Jessica: Text
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